The ‘Ber Months

Aaron here – can you believe it’s September already? It seems to me that once we hit the “ber” months that the year just flies by. It’s incredible that at the end of September we will have been in Guatemala for a year! We’ll celebrate in the next newsletter. For now, we just wanted to share a short update with you about how you can help some young aspiring missionaries from right here in Guatemala. Check out the video below:

If you do decide to donate at the button below you’ll notice the donation says to Steven Hinkeldey (the guy in the video). That’s only because he’s named the leader of the trip on the Students International website. The funds all go towards every student to go on this trip.

So that’s our news as well. We have the awesome opportunity to be able to go alongside these students to our Students International base in Costa Rica. The trip, Lord willing, will be November 6th. The total cost of the trip is $10,000 and right now the students have raised about $1,500. Any donation at the link in the button above can help them achieve this dream of traveling to another country – something that these kids would never be able to do if it weren’t for the help of brothers and sisters like you.

Thank you for all your love and support. That’s all for now from Guatemala. We’ll see you next month as we celebrate our Guateversary!

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