Happy New Year from Guatemala!

Hi there! Brianna here. A lot has happened since our last update!

In November we had the privilege of hosting a team from Washington State. Aaron and I were teamed with two women who helped us pack all of our school supplies for the upcoming year, assist with our tutoring site’s final Vacation Bible School of the year, and join us for our end of the year graduation for our students who completed what is equivalent to their high school degree.

Our graduates from the program. They will now either continue their education or start working.

We were so blessed to have the women help us pack about 100 school supply bags that we will be passing out to students this month.

We finished the week off with the team with a hike to Cerro de la Cruz in Antigua with about 35 of our junior high and high school aged students. I got to share a message about the importance of spending personal time with Jesus, and then we ate pizza together for lunch before heading back down the hill.

Cerro de la Cruz features a cross overlooking the city of Antigua.
Our team members hanging out with our students.
Enjoying the beautiful view of Antigua.

My favorite part of that week was witnessing one of the team members get baptized. After surrendering her life to Jesus earlier in the year, the young lady made her profession of faith by being baptized in front of the team and all of the staff. It was so special to work with her throughout the week and then watch her get baptized on the last day before they left.

With November came Thanksgiving! We got to celebrate Thanksgiving with Guatemalan and American staff which was such a beautiful picture. For me, it was like a little slice of Heaven when nations and tongues come together in harmony to have fellowship and honor the Lord. We had all of the typical Thanksgiving foods, even though I forgot the cranberry sauce in the fridge until the meal was all over. Our coworker Gerber cooked his very first turkey and it was exquisite!

Gerber with his turkey!
Enjoying typical Thanksgiving food.

December was filled with flights and time with family. After holding in the news for nearly two months, we finally got to tell our families that we are expecting a baby! If you didn’t already know that, well, the news is out! Aaron and I are so excited to announce that we are expecting a baby this June.

We celebrated the New Year back in Guatemala with anticipation to start back in the ministry only to be halted by Covid. I contracted Covid most likely on the flights back to Guatemala and am currently in recovery. I am doing well and have had mild symptoms, but this has set things back a little bit.

When we return to the ministry, we will be working on getting the students enrolled for their school year which runs from January to about October and will start back up with our clubs and events for the students. I will be going through the book of Matthew with the girls in my youth group and I am excited for them to learn more about the character of Jesus and how they can have a personal relationship with Him.

Our goal for January is to clean up some of the sponsorship system, have better communication between the students and their sponsors, and work on building deeper relationships with the students and families that we work with in order to disciple them well and point them to the love of Jesus.

Please be praying for complete recovery from Covid, safety for the baby, and wisdom about decisions that we will be making this year.

Thank you for being a part of our ministry team. We love you and are blessed to have such an incredible group of people supporting us in prayer and financially. Even when ministry is hard and living cross culturally is complicated, we are confident that God is faithful and He is working. He asks only for us to be obedient and faithful to what He asks of us, and He takes care of the rest.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Guatemala!

    1. Aaron and Brianna,
      We are so happy to hear of your coming little one. May this
      event be a continuation of God growing the enfluence of
      the Arnett family in the world. May you both “grow in favor with God and man.”
      With Christ’s Love,
      Keith and Toni Edwards


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